Adventures in the Barrier Peaks

Some missing children

A store bought module to get my wife to play

I am attempting to learn the 4th edition D&D. I had my friend Shane and my son Jake lined up to play and my wife sat down to watch. I am running the game day module “into the shadowhaunt”. I handed Shannon a character and said.. this group needs a mage and she didnt complain much (much to my excitement) so we jumped in. Eventually our other son joined once he saw Shannon was playing.

The group is is follows
Shannon: and Eladrin Wizard
Shane: Human fighter
Jake: Half Elf rogue
Ken: Halfling Paladin
SInce we are learning a new system I handed out pre-generated character.

The group is asked by a local silversmith to retrieve his two missing sons. After purchasing a ritual from the local priest it is discovered they are alive and somewhere near the shadowhaunt mausoleum. Jake being the only one who has played before the group went straight out on the path without asking around but this is pretty straightforward stuff so nothing TOO important was missed.

After a few miles travel they group comes upon an overgrown cemetery in the shadows of the barrier peaks. The group explores around and discovers a large, squat building with the door ajar.



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