Adventures in the Barrier Peaks

Entering the tomb..

The group continues forward

After checking for traps the rogue opened the door. Upon entering the group sees 6 coffins with 6 small statues in niches above them. On the left are Pelor and on the right are Bahamut. Also in the room is a 10×10 obelisk. After a few minutes a shade rises up and tells them a riddle. They manage to solve it right away but do not act upon it for a while trying other things instead. Eventually they notice that the obelisk will slide and doing what the riddle told them, it slides out of the way revealing a set of stairs going down. Immediately upon entering the lower room they notice it is a continuation of the crypt but this level has been defiled with bones all over and broken caskets. At the end of the room are coffins blocking the doorways with lanterns sitting on them casting weak light. Once the group steps forward a pair of hobgoblins opens fire with bows. The wizard begins throwing magic missiles and the rogue uses his crossbow until the fighter closes with the creatures. The paladin attempts to climb over the coffin and it breaks under his feet dropping the lantern into a giant pool of oil. Fortunately for the Halfling he is able to escape before being engulfed in flame. The fighter, upon seeing this, slaps the other lantern aside and it strikes one of the hobgoblins, injuring him slightly. The fighter continues doing good damage against both and the wizard finishes both creatures off with magic missiles. During all this the rogue managed to completely blow an athletics roll and crashed through the second coffin. Once the creatures were defeated the shade appeared again and after asking them to honor the dead that were strewn about, awarded them with a potion of healing.



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